Being part of year 12 and 13 is an exceptional experience. New privileges and responsibilities abound, which will give you a new taste of the experience of being part of the school community.
However, you will still be an integral part of the school, liable to guidance and advice, as are all others. We believe that this combination is the best provision for 16+ students. 
To ensure that you are making the right choice before joining us, we would like to introduce this booklet to you. Our main aim in years 12 and 13 is to prepare students for the responsibilities and freedom of adult life.
Key Stage 5 Arrangements
The post 16 curriculum allows students to study Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and BTEC subjects in year 12, and A2 and BTEC subjects in year 13.
You are required to choose UP TO 4 AS subjects in year 12. Pupils do not have to choose 4 subjects by any means. The AS subjects are examined on a modular basis and the school has decided to hold
these examinations in January (following discussions with the Subject Leader) and June of year 12. Pupils are accredited a certificate of achievement in AS subjects. Pupils are expected to pass examinations
in their AS optional subjects before they can be entered for those subjects at A2 level in year 13.
In addition to AS/BTEC subjects you will be given the opportunity of choosing subjects leading to a Vocational Qualification.
You will also get the opportunity of doing re-sits in Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science at GCSE. These examinations take place in November and June of year 12.
We will be placing the subjects into columns (9 lessons for each AS subject; 9 or 18 for Vocational/BTEC subjects). You are required to
choose the best learning pathway for your future needs. See the options form.
Tutorial Groups
Students are divided into tutorial groups with no attempt made to allocate the groups on the basis of Arts or Science subjects or to differentiate between pupils pursuing two-year courses and those
pursuing one-year courses. Every pupil is required to attend the registration period at the beginning of the day and at the beginning of the afternoon. A high percentage of absences (more than 5%) are
considered to be cause for concern and the student may be summoned to a meeting along with parent or guardian to discuss the issue further.
The tutorial group will have the responsibility of preparing a
presentation for the morning assembly. The registration period is also seen as an opportunity to deliver Personal and Social Education, to arrange and develop CYNGU (IAP, your Individual Action Plan).
The tutorial groups are expected to organize assemblies from time to time on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Ysgol Llanhari Key Stage 4 Options